This Will Completely Change Your Perception Of “Winnie The Pooh” Characters

This is messed up.

2. Hmmm… You could make those arguments…

3. Pooh/eating disorder: A diet of one food only and lots of it.

4. Tigger/ADD: Never stops going at all hours of the day.

5. Eeyore/depression: A donkey with a decidedly gloomy outlook on life.

6. Piglet/anxiety: Chronically afraid.

7. Christopher Robin/schizophrenic: Talks to “animals.”

8. Rabbit/OCD: Constantly obsessing over his house, always controlling the situation.

9. Owl/narcissism: Won’t stop talking and is often oblivious to others. Plus dude talks in an English accent… Who does he think he is, Madonna?

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