This Seth Green Anti-Smoking PSA Is Just Really Uncomfortable And Random

Seth Green alone in a bathroom with the man in the tie dyed shirt.

1. Here is a 1993 anti-smoking PSA starring Seth Green, who is wearing a gas mask. And this man, in a tie dyed shirt. I have so many questions.

2. First. Where are they? For the most part it looks like a bathroom. But a very, very dirty bathroom. They must be in a bathroom at Dodgers Stadium.

3. And then the tie dye guy is fishing through his pockets. He just pulls out long pieces of toilet paper. Meanwhile, gas-masked Seth reads the side effects of smoking.

4. Tie dye man asks Seth for a smoke. Seth continues his list of side effects. Last time I checked, “birth defects” would mean tie dye man’s mother is at fault. B) What about this man screams birth defects? Other than the unfortunate hair cut?

5. Then Seth tosses the empty cigarette box (litterer!) and tie dye man picks it up and tosses it in the sink. So…was anyone even smoking at all? What does it all mean?

6. Watch the extremely uncomfortable PSA in full here:

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