This Is What 1999 Looked Like According To The People Of 1966

In Year 1999 AD the kids are all watching YouTube at school and people are Skypeing 24/7. But there’s no Britney.

1. Mike is an astrophysicist who travels several times a week to a “distant” laboratory.

He’s working on the Mars I project (colonization of the planet). Oh, and BTW, the minor at his midwestern university was botany.

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2. This is basically just a big projector. It’s like a really annoying version of iPhoto.

ID: 985840

3. This is the home computer. It is a wall of switches. And the children never, ever play around with them.

The home computer “is secretary, librarian, banker, teacher, medical technician, and bridge partner…”

ID: 985843

4. Kids go to school only two days a week. (What?! So unfair!)

This kid, Jamie, gets the rest of his schooling from the home educational center where he gets to watch a lot of TV.

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5. Well, he still has to take quizzes on his computer.

ID: 985850

6. Haha.

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7. They at least got this right. While listening to his school lecture, Jamie watches cartoons on YouTube.

ID: 985857

8. Lunchtime! While Karen’s husband nags her over Skype, she looks through the computer to see food options

WUT! There’s no-calorie beer in the future? Beer me! The downside of this is that all the food is frozen. Yuck.

ID: 985875

9. Online shopping!

ID: 985884

10. This is the equivalent of being a super Apple geek.

ID: 985887

11. This is kind of cool — a machine on which you can hand-write something and have it automatically transmitted.

ID: 985898

12. Oooh, this is perfect for hypochondriacs. A scanner that takes your vitals and tells you if you’re developing a disease.

ID: 985910

13. Jamie plays chess against the computer. Fool. THE COMPUTER ALWAYS WINS.

ID: 985912

14. The family has a party and their friends from Paris and other far-away places pop in for the evening.

Then some guy makes them all watch some iPhone footage he took of the last concert he was at. Typical.

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