This Photo Of Mariah Carey Perfectly Sums Up The ’90s

Just walking the dog in the late ’90s. NBD.

1. Behold, Mariah, taking her dog for a stroll in the late ’90s. Everything about this is epic.

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2. But let’s breakdown this photo because break, break down, steady breakin’ me on down.

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3. Boot. Cut. Jeans. Just look at those. Purposefully cut off at the cuffs, and also at the top. Bonus points for sunglasses posed nonchalantly at the waist.

ID: 3187349

4. Metallic kitten heels. Oh my god, SILVERRRR.

ID: 3187350

5. No ’90s outfit was complete without flat ironed, shiny hair.

ID: 3187351

6. Spaghetti strap tank. A classic. But here Mariah surprises us with a sage hue. Unexpected, dear Mimi.

ID: 3187353

7. Louis Vuitton backpack. This is amusing.

ID: 3187354

8. And then: BOOMBOX. A BOOMBOX. The best accessory Mariah has ever stepped out with in public.

THIS is the elusive chanteuse.

ID: 3187367

9. You will never walk your dog as well as Mariah.

ID: 3187586

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