This Baby Spice Prank Video Is BAHAHAHAHA

Emma Bunton “interviews” potential new assistants. “Hi, I’m Emma Bunton Zig-a-zig-ah.”

1. Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice appeared on a British celeb prank show. Here, she “interviews” potential new assistants while the show hosts tell her what to say and do via an earpiece.

ID: 1044769

The highlights…

ID: 1044915

5. Emma’s toilet-in-a-closet.

ID: 1044955

7. Gin?

ID: 1044975

9. Why is she drinking a baby bottle? Because it’s her thing. It takes the edge of the gin.

ID: 1045017

10. Genius business idea #1: “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bunton”

The Baby Spice lookalike agency.

ID: 1045027

11. Genius business idea #2: “Emma’s Bun-ton”

A bun. That weighs a ton.

ID: 1045033

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