23 Things You Used To Wear As A Kid

Girls of the ’80s and ’90s: Welcome back to your grade school closet.

1. Brightly colored sweaters (usually with hearts on them — you love hearts).

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2. Goody Kiddie Barrettes were such perfect day-to-night accessories.

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3. And don’t forget the animal ones!

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4. Saturdays were made for producing incredibly ugly — I mean, genius — puffy paint creations.

ID: 1228899

5. Osh-Kosh everything!

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6. Remember these crazy-huge plastic charm necklaces?

ID: 1228922

7. Most of your shirts had puffy graphics on them.

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8. These weirdo T-shirt doodads.

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9. And here’s what you’d wear when it got cold out.

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10. But if it wasn’t so cold — you were all about the fleece jacket.

ID: 1229133

11. Summer meant little cotton dresses that looked like this.

ID: 1229009

12. Paired with jellies, obviously.

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13. Here are those frilly socks you wore to birthday parties.

ID: 1228835

14. At some point or another, someone gave you a Disney watch. Which you wore. But didn’t know how to use.

ID: 1228907

15. Floral pants were perfect for spring.

ID: 1229028

16. Scrunchies!!!

ID: 1229597

17. Every girl of this era had something — anything — with Minnie Mouse on it.

ID: 1229087

18. You carried a velcro change purse for all those pennies. People just gave those away. Amazing.

ID: 1229090

19. Did you also have crazy legging combos?

ID: 1229100

20. Trading slap bracelets was the best.

ID: 1229115

21. Little denim skirts were the LBDs of our generation.

ID: 1229193

22. Then there were vaguely sexy tops like these, usually worn over leggings of the same color.

ID: 1229214

23. Stick-on earrings. Fun in theory. Lost in five.

Still… doesn’t this all kind of make you want to be a little girl again?

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