19 Things You May Have Forgotten About “7th Heaven”

When you see their happy faces smiling back at you…you’ll remember how into this family drama you were.

1. Simon had a knack for saving money and was known as “The Bank of Simon.”

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2. Lucy’s first crush had the best name ever: Jimmy Moon.

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3. Remember when Matt dated Heather, who was deaf?

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4. Ruthie’s sass.



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5. Mary got in deep trouble for stealing this glass from a diner. She was peer pressured!

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6. Simon and Ruthie were the cutest duo.

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7. Ashlee Simpson played Cecilia, Simon’s girlfriend in seasons 7 and 8.

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8. And Aaron Carter was on for two episodes as a love interest to Ruthie.

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9. Leighton Meester also made a two episode appearance as a love interest to Matt.

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10. Oh and Haylie Duff played a girl named Sandy who got knocked up. Jeez. Everyone was on this show.

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11. There was also the time that Lucy dated Lance Bass.

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12. This dog. The best dog.

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13. Matt: The hottest of the Camden boys. Couldn’t seem to keep a job down, though.

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14. Eric and Annie were disgustingly perfect.

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15. WILSONNNNNN. <3 Don’t you kind of wish Mary stayed with him? Even though she ended up cheating on him (way later in the series).

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16. Lucy became a minister. Which is just kind of weird.

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17. The Olsens! On 7th Heaven. Whaaat.

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18. Ruthie ends up dating a guy named T-Bone. T-BONE.

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19. By the end of the series, everyone is so married and so pregnant.

Mary ends up having 3 kids.
Matt ends up moving to New York and having twin boys.
Lucy ends up with 1 girl, miscarries some twins, then is all “no more babies!” except she announces she’s pregnant again at the end of the series.

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