30 Things From The ’90s You’ve Probably Forgotten About

These will make you go, “Ohhhh yeahhhh.”

1. Bugle Boy Jeans


ID: 1892461

2. Hit Clips like this

What is the point of this? You only hear it in one ear?

ID: 1890701

3. Bubble Beepers

Completely useless. Just like regular beepers.

ID: 1890698

4. Crayola Art Studio 2

ID: 1890858

5. B*Witched

This Irish import’s one U.S. hit was very, very catchy.

ID: 1890865

6. Bath & Body Works’ “Art Stuff” line

Glitter lotion! Gimme! Gimme!

ID: 1890920

7. Cinn-a-Burst gum

They have “flavor crystals” whatever that means.

ID: 1892085

8. Vitamin C

Oh my goodness, that hair.

ID: 1890684

9. The Just Nikki catalog

ID: 1890940

10. Jimmy Kimmel on Win Ben Stein’s Money

ID: 1891115

11. The girl group 702 and their single, “Where My Girls At?”

ID: 1891531

12. Ethan Embry

Oh my god, you know, the kid from Can’t Hardly Wait? I love you.

ID: 1892101

13. Dharma & Greg

ID: 1891322

14. Puppy in My Pocket

ID: 1891833

15. UPN

Remember this network?

ID: 1891245

16. Weinerville

Did anyone else find this Nickelodeon show creepy?

ID: 1891065

17. The Amelia’s Notebook series

More for girls coming of age in the late ’90s.

ID: 1892119

18. Bra strap headbands

ID: 1892214

19. The WB show, Popular

OMG remember Leslie Bibb? This show was short-lived and started in 1999.

ID: 1891296

20. Loréal’s Rouge Pulp

If you had the blue one, you’re my hero.

ID: 1890883

21. Na Na

This store was bigger on the east and west coasts, but you might remember the logo/look because they advertised in the back of every Sassy.

ID: 1892466

22. Ear cuffs

ID: 1892481

23. The shoe and clothing line, 26 Red Sugar

Available via the Delia’s catalog!

ID: 1892551

24. String Thing

ID: 1892575

25. Craft Loops

Neon potholders for all!

ID: 1892596

26. Watch rings

ID: 1892706

27. Jesse Camp

Brenda Chase/Online USA, Inc.

Why? Just…why???

ID: 1893058

28. Curly Sue (1991)

ID: 1893091

29. MTV’s The Cut

Kind of like American Idol except way, way, way more amateur.

ID: 1893122

30. Nickelodeon’s time capsule

They buried this in 1992 and the important artifacts inside included a VHS of Home Alone and a Hammer CD.

ID: 1893003

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