These Pics From A 2002 Aaron Paul Photoshoot Are Amazing And Random

I have no idea what is going on here. But it’s pretty rad.

These pics were found on an Aaron Paul fansite. All we know is that they were taken in 2002. And the photographer thought Jesse Pink — er, I mean, Aaron Paul — should pose dramatically with a bandana.

ID: 1224097

2. The clutching bandana with mouth open pose.

ID: 1224107

3. The two-handed bandana grasp.

ID: 1224108

4. The two-handed bandana grasp…with an open mouth. Oh yeah.

ID: 1224102

5. The admittedly sexy creep in the corner with slightly open mouth.

ID: 1224099

6. The admittedly sexy creep in the corner with a more open mouth.

ID: 1224101

7. And now here is a photoset from the same year. Aaron Paul is either frustrated or hungover.

ID: 1224092

8. Or a superhero. Or super villain.

ID: 1224093


ID: 1224267

10. This is the most perplexing combination of nervousness and intensity.

ID: 1224096

11. Oh hey! There’s Samaire Armstrong. Jesse Pinkman was dating her at the time.

ID: 1224094

12. “I’m your boyfriend.”

ID: 1224095

13. “My girlfriend’s wearing a see-through skirt. That’s right. I AM the man.”

ID: 1224098

14. “Excuse me while I make a bizarre reaction while my hot girlfriend dangles off my torso and I maintain my level of sexiness.” Aaaannnd scene. Bravo, Pinkman. Bravo.

ID: 1224100

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ID: 1224165

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