The Time Jon Stewart Played "Bob The Jewish Doctor" On "The Nanny"

And they made out.

1. In 1997, Jon Stewart appeared on an episode of The Nanny, playing a love interest to Fran Drescher.

ID: 1206043

2. Fran finds out he is a Jewish doctor. What could be more perfect?

ID: 1206041

3. And he has a Porsche and a cool leather jacket. Swooooooon!

ID: 1206042

4. He’s so open with his feelings. Take me now, Jon! I mean, Bob the Jewish Doctor.

ID: 1206044

5. OK, this is a little weird to wrap your mind around…

ID: 1205906

6. Then we see Jon in a Dynasty fantasy sequence. His hair. That suit.

ID: 1206090

7. When Jon/Bob shows up at the same wedding Fran attends, they find out they’re…cousins. Ewwww. (And sad. It’s not so easy to find a cute, Jewish, Jon Stewart doctor.)

ID: 1206089

8. Here are all of Jon’s moments from the episode “Kissing Cousins”:

ID: 1205910

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