The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Were Highly Skilled Music Artists

Did you know that in 1990, the turts went on tour and had a 10-track album?

1. Who knew that these sewer-dwelling superheros were multi-talented? Apparently, the group formed a band, and in 1990, embarked on the “Coming Out of Their Shells” tour.

The live-action tour was sponsored by Pizza Hut. I did not make that up.

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2. Their musical style could be described as “Journey.” You can get a taste of it from this strong power rock anthem, “Count on Us.”

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Note the complex emotional range of the lyrics:

You gotta fight to be free
You gotta fight for what is right
You gotta fight to be free
But we need your help tonight

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4. Their live tour featured Michelangelo on guitar and Leonardo on bass. Which would magically keep playing even when the Turtles broke for a dance move. Raphael supposedly was the band’s saxophonist, however the instrument rarely made an appearance.

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5. Despite having clunky shells, the Turtles moved with surprising grace through their show’s choreography.

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6. A behind-the-scenes documentary gives us a closer look at the Turtles’ musical talent. Observe Donatello’s nimble finger work.

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7. Turt’s got rhythm.

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8. Here’s that classic hit, “Pizza Power.”

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Loving that snappy “Pizza Power” chorus:

But pizza power
A flying saucer food delight
Pizza power
Oh, that’s what makes us feel all right!

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10. And here’s “Skipping Stones,” a slower, more introspective ballad. And a blatant Springsteen copy.

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11. Seeing as you probably no longer possess the capacity to be entertained by grown men dancing in turtle costumes for a full hour (the tour went to VHS and can be found on YouTube), here’s the “making of” short.

It is a mockumentary. But hopefully you understood that much.

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