The Only Thing That Changes About Rob Lowe Is His Beauteous Hair

What magical youth elixir is Rob Lowe on and where can we buy some?

1. The long, super-shine coiff. A fresh-faced babe.

ID: 870264

2. Cropped ‘n casual. Teen jailbait.

ID: 870272

3. Full and slightly mussed. Still looking like jailbait.

ID: 870248

4. Preppy and feathered. And the picture of American youth.

ID: 870351

5. Chestnut perfection. And looking pretty much the same as he does today.

ID: 870296

6. Sigh. And still, like, 2-years-old.

ID: 870267

7. Ahh! But still fresh and flawless.

ID: 870262

8. Like a woman just ran product through those beautiful locks. And not a wrinkle in the face.

ID: 870269

9. Seriously?

Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images
ID: 882982

10. Literally the youngest face ever.

ID: 883105

11. Except for when he played Drew Peterson in “Drew Peterson: Untouchable.”

ID: 870333

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