The Only 12 Acceptable Scenarios For These Laura Ashley ’80s Outfits

Laura Ashley did surprisingly well considering you could only wear her fashions if you were a character in a Brontë novel. (Or just really stuck in the past.)

1. If you are a new character on Downton Abbey: The Beach Years.

ID: 1066819

2. If you’re an Ingalls girl, waiting for Pa to return safely home from the woods to your Little House on the Prairie .

ID: 1066722

3. If you’re taking a break from churning butter, gazing out at the Scottish coastline, wondering if Seamus will return from sea in time for dinner.

ID: 1066724

4. If you are trying to ride a boat back to 1910.

ID: 1066734

5. If you are an extra on Big Love.

ID: 1066719

6. If you are Jane Austen and attending a picnic with your friends, the Churchills, Woodhouses, and Westons.

ID: 1066765

7. If you are a debutante, attending Cotillion.

ID: 1066752

8. If you are taking a walk on your family’s plantation and confiding in your friend about your crush (who is currently serving with a Tennessee cavalry unit with the Confederate Army).

ID: 1066755

9. If you are Miss Havisham…on the very first day she wore the wedding dress she then never took off.

ID: 1066885

10. If you are looking for Heathcliff.

ID: 1066790

11. If you are getting headshots taken that you’re hoping will get the attention of Mr. DeMille and land you a role in his next picture.

ID: 1066847

12. I don’t even know.

ID: 1066747

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