The Most WTF Cafeteria PowerPoint You’ll Ever See

Some dude made this lunchroom seating map that’s a cross between Singin’ in the Rain and Mean Girls.

1. Here’s what we know about this…

You’re about to see a PowerPoint presentation posted by a Tumblr user whose bio reads…

2. So he’s claiming to be this guy…

The character Cosmo Brown from Singin’ in the Rain. Don Lockwood is the movie’s main character, played by Gene Kelly (on the right). Fair enough. People do the fake character thing all the time.

3. And “Monumental Pictures” is the fictional movie studio in Singin’ in the Rain.

So “Cosmo Brown” posts the “Monumental Pictures canteen seating chart,” which he created “in case any of our wonderful fans decide to visit Monumental and eat lunch with us someday. :)”

So, without further adieu…

I’d just like to point out that the author uses a photo of Julia Allison to illustrate “white girls” and caption: “(not actual photo)”. This may be brilliant.

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