The 22 Ugliest Examples Of ’90s Footwear To Ever Meet Your Eyes

None of this ever had to happen. (But what do you bet you owned at least a couple of these shoes.)

1. Steve Madden platform sandals with that stretchy vamp.

ID: 955087

2. John Fluevog’s “Munster” shoe. Why entrusting your feet into the care of someone named “Fluevog” is beyond me.

ID: 955106

3. Oh. No.

ID: 955111

4. Clomp-clomp. Folks heard you coming from miles.

ID: 955113

5. Leopard platform sandals. Did you also use those furry pens? You did, didn’t you?

ID: 955114


ID: 955120

7. Adidas unisex sport sandals. If you were a cool boy, you’d wear them with socks. All through the winter.

ID: 955085

8. Slam your body down! (Just count on spraining your ankle.)

ID: 955141

9. Ugh, barf.

ID: 955121

10. Baaaaaaarrrrrffff.

ID: 955140

11. Cookies: tossed.

ID: 955143

12. Chunks: blown.

ID: 955146

13. Airwalk made these shiny sneaks, and the red ones had hologram sparkles in them.

ID: 955149

14. Vom.

ID: 955138

15. Foam footwear. Never shoulda happened.

ID: 955150

16. Blaahhhh.

ID: 955123

17. Remember these Chinese-inspired Mary Janes that offered guaranteed pain thanks to no arch support?

ID: 955153

18. Jelly high heels. Awesome at the time. Kind of embarrassing when they made a “comeback.” Please no more comebacks.

ID: 955155

19. Nike split-toe sneakers. For all those edgy weirdos.

ID: 955157

20. Technicolor yawn.

ID: 955162

21. Keds. A standard. Except did you ever wear two different ones on each foot? You did? Oooh, you rebel.

ID: 955167

22. And last…technically Heelys debuted in 2000. But this was a terrible footnote on which to end the decade.

ID: 955144

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