The 17 Types Of People Who Review The Spice Girls On Amazon

Are you prepared to enter the late ’90s archive of Amazon reviews for Spice? This is intense.

1. The person who thinks dance pop is appropriate sleepytime music.

ID: 1347827

2. This phat feminist.

ID: 1347828

3. The person who listens to good bands like Everclear.

ID: 1347829

4. The future MTV VJ.

ID: 1347826

5. The person who thinks they’re soooo smart. See also: Your parents.

ID: 1347831

6. The person who is finally embracing their true self.

ID: 1347908

7. The person with a deep, dark secret.

ID: 1347833

8. The arrogant grad student.

ID: 1347835

9. Jessica’s best friend.

ID: 1347855

10. Italian Spice.

ID: 1347834

11. The person who doesn’t need much.

ID: 1347830

12. Believers of the afterlife.

ID: 1347907

13. The person who just doesn’t get it but is clearly a wannabe.

ID: 1347962

14. Amanda Bynes.

ID: 1347931

15. The person who has never actually listened to The Beatles.

ID: 1347937

16. The only person here who understands COULTURAL DIVERSITY.

ID: 1347955

17. You, 14 years ago.

ID: 1347896


ID: 1348159

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