The 15 Types Of People Who Review The "Titanic" Soundtrack On Amazon

FYI, it’s not just teenage girls on their period in 1997. It’s you. Now.

1. The non-discerning critic: “the best songs on this soundtrack are all of them.”

ID: 845382

2. The lady or man who needs to unwind to some flutes and bagpipes after a hard day at the office.

ID: 845385

Celine Dion, “My Heart Will Go On”

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ID: 845435

3. The person who thinks all CDs are great because they work.

ID: 845386

4. The person who uses the “Titanic” soundtrack to rev up before committing dark and evil crimes against humanity.

ID: 845387

James Horner, “Rose”

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ID: 845431

5. The guy who may have actually been on the Titanic: “takes u back to 1912.”

ID: 845388

6. The poet.

ID: 845389

James Horner, “The Dream”

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ID: 845422

7. James Horner fans who address their reviews to him because Horner definitely reads Amazon reviews.

ID: 845406

8. The kid who thought the movie was “informative.”

ID: 845407

James Horner, “Hymn to the Sea”

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ID: 845427

9. The lady who still doesn’t have a Discman in 2002.

ID: 845409

10. The guy who thinks James Horner is a motherfucking genius. (Code name: Hamlet.)

ID: 847054

James Horner, “Leaving Port”

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ID: 845432

11. The person writing an Amazon review as he/she is watching “Titanic” right now and bawling.

ID: 845410

12. The guy who owns only one other movie soundtrack.

ID: 845411

James Horner, “Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave”

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ID: 847074

13. A 13-year-old on her period in 1999.

ID: 845412

14. it is still my best son

ID: 845414

James Horner, “Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch”

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ID: 847091

15. Celine drools, Goo Goo Dolls RULEZ!

ID: 845415

James Horner, “The Portrait”

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ID: 847077

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