The 15 Most Pure Moments Of Amanda Bynes’ Past

This will make you yearn for the golden era of Bynes, filled with tube topped splendor.

1. When, as a tiny, mere child, she took the stage at LA’s Laugh Factory, clearly fueled by 12 Snickers bars.

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2. When, at 13, she wore an abundance of butterfly clips — stars: They’re just like you!

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3. In 2000, when she wore beauteous platform flip-flops to the Rugrats in Paris premiere. No fancy Hollywood footwear for this gal!

Chris Weeks/Liaison
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4. When, in 2001, she was the picture of purity for Teen magazine’s “All About You” special issue.

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5. And in the interview Amanda did with “All About You,” she showed off her drawings.

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6. And she also said the following in that article:

Let’s talk clothes. When did you start drawing your own fashion designs?
I’ve been drawing since kindergarten. As I watch a fashion show or an awards show, I copy what I see. The Oscars have the newest fashions — that’s the show I look forward to the most.

What’s the easiest thing to draw and what’s the hardest?
I’m not very good at drawing feet, but I think I’ve perfected drawing eyes. And I’d like to work on my noses. The easiest are lips, but I rarely ever show teeth — oh, teeth are hard! Whenever I draw them they look like dentures, and really big.

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7. When she turned sweet 16, and began exploring the exciting world of tube tops.

Teen mag 2002

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8. In 2002, Amanda really liked tube tops. She wore them in black.

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9. She wore them in white.

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10. When she allowed Teen People to do a makeover on her in 2003 when she clearly didn’t even need it.

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11. When she wore this incredibly confusing outfit.

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12. Witness her youthful exuberance, her carefree nature, the good, clean Americanness of Miss Bynes as she poses with pink balloons.

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13. Observe Amanda’s commitment to camaraderie as she bonded together with other Hollywood teens and tweens for a very important 2003 issue of Vanity Fair.

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14. When she loved denim and was a beachy sun goddess.

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15. And here, witness the tipping point wherein she is the picture of the early 2000s.

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Goodbye to all of that.

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