Teens In The 1950s Vs. Teens Today

What’s ’50s-speak for YOLO?

1. Then: Hanging out at the beach.

Three Lions/__username__ / Getty Images

2. Now: Hanging out at the beach.

3. Then: Prom.

Nocella/__username__ / Getty Images

5. Then: Drankin’.

Evening Standard/__username__ / Getty Images

6. Now: Drankin’.

AP Photo/__username__

7. Then: Boys’ night.

Doreen Spooner/__username__ / Getty Images

8. Now: Boys’ night.

9. Then: Coffee.

Express Newspapers/__username__ / Getty Images

11. Then: Listening to your jams with friends.

M. McKeown/__username__ / Getty Images

12. Now: Listening to your jams with friends.

13. Then: Ping pong.

George Heyer/__username__ / Getty Images

14. Now: Beer pong.

15. Then: Chillin’.

Harry Thompson/__username__ / Getty Images

16. Now: Chillin’.

17. Then: Teens in crowds.

Keystone/__username__ / Getty Images

18. Now: Teens in crowds.

19. Then: Getting down.

Gary Wagner/__username__ / Getty Images

20. Now: Getting down. (Oh God.)

21. Then: Showing off your moves.

Orlando/__username__ / Getty Images

22. Now: Twerking on a wall.

23. Then: “I’m on a boat.”

Orlando/__username__ / Getty Images

24. Now: “I’m on my own motherfucking plane, yo.”

25. Then: School dance.

H. Armstrong Roberts/__username__ / Getty Images

26. Now: School dance (still awkward).

27. Then: Gettin’ rad.

Keystone/__username__ / Getty Images

28. Now: Some things don’t change.

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