17 Tasteful Tattoos For Vegans

Meat-free body art ideas!

1. You could try this simple black and white V for “vegan” heart.

ID: 3160930

2. This cursive within a the outline of a pig adds a bit more if you want to go beyond a word-only tattoo.

ID: 3160989

3. This small carrot is more symbolic than direct.

ID: 3161016

4. A non-obvious place to put your vegan pride.

ID: 3161028

5. Vegetables are your friend!

ID: 3161046

6. A more colorful way to do a heart design.

ID: 3161050

7. It’s a vegan bracelet tattoo!

ID: 3161061

8. This looks like it could have been a page in a beautiful children’s book.

ID: 3161254

9. Incorporate a bit of cow into the text.

ID: 3161518

10. Here’s a nearly invisible way to get inked.

ID: 3161621

11. Or there’s this noble insignia.

ID: 3161660

12. Veggie power!

ID: 3161668

13. A good option for vegan wordsmiths.

ID: 3161680

14. It’s an adorable little block of tofu!

ID: 3161763

15. So pretty.

ID: 3161821

16. Here’s one of Peta’s logos in tattoo form.

ID: 3161921

17. And here’s a wonderful way to flaunt your mission statement.


ID: 3161928

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