Take A Tour Of Paris In The 1950s

Guys! We invented a time machine. Or as the French would say, une machine de time.

2. That you could go back in time and roam the streets of Paris in the ’50s and ’60s? Just like Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face? Let’s take a trip through the past…

3. First we can hop on one of these tour busses.

4. Or perhaps you’d prefer this more romantic style of transport?

Charles W. Cushman Collection / Via

5. Perhaps you’d rather have a more stylish tour of the city as seen in this reel of glamorous fashions.

6. Or we can explore the more mod side of Paris.

7. But of course, you’ll want to hit the big sights as well. Here’s Notre Dame. Can you even recognize it under all that dirt?

Charles W. Cushman Collection / Via

8. After that, we can wander the streets behind Notre Dame. These quiet passages are time machines themselves.

Charles W. Cushman Collection / Via

9. Later in the afternoon, we’ll join this impromptu dance party by the Seine.

10. That Super-8 camera will come in handy to record all of your fantastic vacation footage.

11. Let’s head on over to the Right Bank.

12. For some shopping we can first check out La Samaritaine.

13. Before we do more shopping, let’s take a break for a café and pastry at Café de la Paix.

Charles W. Cushman Collection / Via

14. Just a few blocks away, more amazing fashion awaits us at Printemps.

Charles W. Cushman Collection / Via

15. Of course, we’ll make a stop in romantic Montmartre, all the way at the north of Paris.

Charles W. Cushman Collection / Via

16. And perhaps look around for a café where we can take a long afternoon pause with a bottle of wine.

Charles W. Cushman Collection / Via

17. Of course, our day wouldn’t be complete without seeing this. Le sigh…

Charles W. Cushman Collection / Via

18. Don’t you just love this city?

Ugh. Now back to reality.

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