30 Super Fun Products You Definitely Need This Summer

Do you like fun? Then this stuff is for you.

Water Accessories:

1. Giant Donut Pool Float, $35


Outdoor Games:

10. The Human Bowling Ball Game, $5,500

Terrifying and awesome at the same time. (Also for rich people.)


12. Watermelon Tap, $35.50

Hollow out a watermelon, fill it with vodka, have fun.

13. Bamboo Wine Table, $22

For all those refined nights of outdoor classical music. Or getting sloppy in the backyard.

14. Underwood Wine-in-a-Can, $24 (4 pack)

Holy crap, this is genius. But just FYI, it hasn’t come out yet. But you can still preorder some!

15. Silicone Wine Glasses, $19.95 (set of 2)

You can just shove them in your bag. Cool.


16. Disposable Flasks, $7.98 (2 pack)

If you simply must use a flask, you can throw these out at the end of the night.


19. Picnic Backpack, $45

Let’s have 1 million picnics.

20. Briefcase-style Portable BBQ Grill, $76

Little do you friends know that you turn into James Bond come summertime.


22. Kikkerland UV Tester, $4

This little gizmo measures UV light, and tells you when it’s dangerous.

24. Audio Unlimited 900MHz Wireless Floating Pool Speaker, $42.22

It’s like an even bigger boombox you can get even wetter.

Beach & Outdoor Stuff:

27. Floral Sun Umbrella, $34.29

For when you finally give up, admit to being an old lady, and are prepared to go out in public with an umbrella when it is not in fact raining.

28. “Reserved” Towel, $33.50

They’ll never discover my evil plan. Muahahah.

29. Sandless Beach Mat, $59.95

“Sandless” you say? It’s possible thanks to woven polyurethane, which filters out grains of sand.

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