Stephanie Tanner’s Tips For Planning The Perfect Wedding

Stephanie Tanner: the under-appreciated DIY goddess.

1. First, find an adorable Japanese boy to propose to you.

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2. Repurpose leftover 4th of July decorations.

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Like this. Now you can bring out all that stuff you bought at Pier 1 for your fancy 4th party two years ago.

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3. A roll of wax paper makes a beautiful train and will only cost you $2.99!

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Stephanie also suggests another household material — dryer sheets. Here’s a real wedding dress made from dryer sheets.

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4. Use kazoos to have your guests become the band.

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Because they also make beautiful favors.

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5. Put your own twist on old, boring scripture.

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6. Make your vows brutally honest for a change.

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7. Skip fancy, expensive rings. Try instead temporary Scooby-Doo tattoos.

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Remember: they don’t have to match to be beautiful.

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8. Incorporate something into the ceremony that’s full of personal meaning and metaphor — like crossing the street together.

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Martha Stewart called Tanner’s street-crossing tradition “the new bouquet toss.”

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9. You’ll have a life of happiness!

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