Someone Please Buy This 1991 Saab

It’s worth it just for the amazing Craigslist ad. But it also comes with a Kurt Vonnegut short story tucked into a copy of Cat’s Cradle.

1. Someone in Brooklyn is selling this immensely classy 1991 Saab. But this isn’t any ordinary 20-year-old car…

ID: 992431

2. It is an artifact of superior Swedish design…

ID: 992490

4. The interior is very wabi-sabi (the Japanese embrace of that which is imperfect).

ID: 992498

6. It comes with highbrow reading material.

ID: 992502

7. It is also the ultimate hipster driving machine, coming with complimentary ’90s CDs.

ID: 992527

8. VONNEGUT. Namaste.

ID: 992504

So to anyone who loves the ’90s, please buy this turd. The full Craigslist ad here.

ID: 992555

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