25 Signs You Are Totally Smitten

Having a crush is the best!

1. You know you’re smitten if That Special Person is literally the first thing on your mind when you wake up. (And you have to spend a few minutes pretending they’re your pillow.)

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2. You feel like you have indigestion, but then realize it’s actually butterflies.

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3. You have no appetite. (And that’s something you thought would never happen.)

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4. Every time you see or talk about him/her, it’s like…

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5. You begin to miss your person terribly…a mere five minutes after leaving them.

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6. You’re pretty sure that if you made a breakdown of the waking moments you spend thinking about this person, it’d be at least 90%.

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7. On the day you’re going to see them, minutes literally feel like hours in the time leading up to your date.

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8. You are constantly wondering whether the Object of Your Affection is thinking of you right now. What about… now? God, why is there no app that tells you when your crush is thinking of you?! APPLE GET ON THIS NOW, PLEASE.

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9. You’ve composed about a million texts that have all gone deleted because you want everything to feel natural. Wording and timing is EVERYTHING now.

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10. But you’ve also obsessed over whether your iPhone-using friend has seen you “typing.” Which could be a good or bad thing. You don’t know!

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11. Every time your phone rings or buzzes, it’s the best thing ever because it JUST MIGHT be them.

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12. When it is them, the world is all puppies, and rainbows, and unicorns.

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13. When it’s not them, you experience a second of irrational anger…

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14. Which really only does last for a second because now you’re back to basking in the memory of their dreaminess.

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15. You keep telling yourself this:

ID: 1485050

16. Which is just fuckin’ useless.

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17. You are basically LOSING YOUR MIND.

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18. You’ve found yourself questioning why people do this love thing. It is kind of crazy, right?

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19. You even begin reading science-y stuff to try to get a grip on whether these smitten feelings are normal. (And are they at all in your control??? Jeez.)

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20. You play a certain song over and over — the one you heard while you were with your lady/man. Nevermind that you don’t actually like the song that much.

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21. You’re constantly switching between thinking you can’t possibly feel this way (especially if it’s someone you hardly know…)

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22. …and telling yourself you have to trust your gut and that’s all that matters.

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23. You can’t help but daydream about your life as a couple. Hey, if you’re smitten, you’ve got to be able see longevity.

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24. You’re in constant fear of losing the magic. (What if you move too fast and then they get bored?)

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25. But really, you’re in constant fear of losing them. Which means you really care.

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