28 Signs You Have Not Changed Since Middle School

Welcome to 30 going on 13.

1. You still carry a Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker with you at all times.

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2. This statement you wrote in your diary in the ’90s remains true — in your opinion, at least.

Because Leonardo DiCaprio IS so hot!

ID: 1352130

3. You love staying in with a pile of magazines just as much as you did at 13 years old…

ID: 1352661

But you’ve made the delicious addition of copious amounts of wine.

ID: 1353085

4. You’re still buying your bras at Victoria’s Secret.

ID: 1352817

5. You can totally still remember the moves to the dance you and your friends choreographed.

ID: 1352418

6. You make this face.

ID: 1353028

7. You are obsessed with photos of you and your friends. Except instead of hoarding Polaroids, they’re all on Instagram.

ID: 1352730

8. You wear your school team shirt (or sweatpants) to bed every night.

ID: 1353015

9. You and your friends are still constantly wearing each others’ clothes.

ID: 1352779

10. You have one of these a day for your mid-morning snack.

ID: 1352959

11. Years later, you are STILL making this idiotic mistake of rolling your hair up all the way in a round brush…and getting it completely stuck there.

You will never learn.

ID: 1353343

12. Your signature scent hasn’t changed.

ID: 1353346

13. You’re still telling people to “talk to the hand.”

ID: 1353786

14. Music that you listened to in your young teenage years remains in your regular rotation.

ID: 1353440

15. Urban Decay has always been your favorite high-end makeup brand.

ID: 1353898

16. You spend hours a day gossiping over IM.

Except you’re usually on Gchat.

ID: 1353543

17. Bonus points if you’re still using the screename you invented in eighth grade for your online banking/bill pay/social media accounts.

*Awkwardly raises hand*

ID: 1353614

18. You are still sending awkward notes to boys… just via a different medium.

ID: 1352264

19. You never use the proper words for male genitalia.

(It’s “penis.”)

ID: 1353650

20. Picking off all your nail polish during a boring meeting gives you feelings of immense joy.

ID: 1353995

21. You still hate these girls.

ID: 1353661

22. You’ve never stopped wearing days-of-the-week underwear which is totally NOT IMMATURE because Stella McCartney makes these very expensive and grown-up panties.

ID: 1353820

23. You’re still hanging on to some Hello Kitty paper/stickers/notebooks/etc because they were too precious to use back in the day.

ID: 1353872

24. Your sixth grade logic has stuck with you.

ID: 1353794

25. You are wearing a tankini.

ID: 1353889

26. You hair has smelled like Herbal Essences since 1999.

ID: 1353904

27. You have extremely strong feelings on the Dawson vs. Pacey debate.

Pacey 4eva.

ID: 1353916

28. People think you’re in middle school.

ID: 1353774

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