Short People Vs. Tall People

Whether tall or small, the struggle is real.

1. Short people on airplanes: Legroom for days.

Tall people on planes: You’re packed tighter than a sardine in a can.

2. Short people shopping for clothes: Kids’ section, here I come!

Tall people shopping: What is this, a clothing store for ANTS?!?!

3. Short people playing sports: I may be small, but I’m still going for the gold.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Tall people in sports: I WILL DESTROY YOU PEASANTS.

NBA / Via

4. Short people and the showerhead: A menace from above.

Columbia Pictures

Tall people and the war against showerheads: Good luck washing your hair!

New Line Cinema

5. Taking pictures when you are short: Selfies never work.

Taking pictures when you are tall: In every photo, you’re the Headless Horseman.

6. Short people at shows: Suddenly, everyone is a tall person.

Tall people at shows: The enemy of all short people present.

7. Short people when they made you do this in gym class: Have a nice trip, see you next fall!

Tall people: Look at me, I’m flying!!

8. Short girls in heels: They’re not an option, they’re a necessity.

Hikaru Ogawa / Getty Images

And if you’re a tall girl in heels: You better not have a fear of heights.

9. Short people at the club: Just because you are taller than me, doesn’t mean you should push me around like I am not here!

MTV / Via

Tall people at the club: I can see the whole room!

New Line / Via

10. Things short people are tired of hearing: Being called “small” or “little.”

20th Century Fox / Via

Things tall people are tired of hearing: “How’s the weather up there?”

11. Short people and cars: And does this come with a driver’s side booster seat?

Tall people in small cars: Insta-giant.

12. Short people and mirrors: I can almost see my lips!

Tall people and mirrors: Well, at least you always know if you’ve got shmutz on your shirt.

13. Short people walking next to tall people: HOW ARE YOU GOING SO FAST???

Tall people walking next to short people: I AM walking slow.

The CW / Via

14. The most annoying thing you could do to a short person: Act shocked when you tell them just how short you are.

And the No. 1 most annoying thing you could do to a tall person: Tell them they’re tall.

Netflix / Via

Just remember: No one is better in the short vs. tall debate. Flaunt whatcha got.

MTV / Via

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