20 Ridiculously Cute Cat Mouths

The mouth is the best part!

1. Squeeeeee! Don’t you just love the little mouth on your feline friend?

ID: 2729374

2. And the perfect shape it makes?

ID: 2729371

3. Sometimes, it’s really the mouth + nose combo that does it.

ID: 2729349

4. Like, look at this little mouth that basically matches that little nose.

ID: 2729600

5. A cat’s mouth can totally define his character. Like this artsy guy.

ID: 2729373

6. And this cat. A patient one.

ID: 2729595

7. UGGhhghhHGGhGGGGGG the mouths when they’re sleeping…..sooooooo cute.

ID: 2729364

8. Further proof of sleeping-mouth-cuteness.

ID: 2729377

9. But waking-up-mouth is also adoooorable.

ID: 2729930

10. Wasssssaaaahhhhhh.

ID: 2729647

11. The wee teeth be killing me!

ID: 2729383

12. Bottom teeth are good, too.

ID: 2729384

13. Are these fangs supposed to be menacing? Because: Aww.

ID: 2729432

14. Gah. Miniscule tongue.

ID: 2729368

15. Smooch smile face.

ID: 2729372

16. Oh my gawww look at that wee tongue.

ID: 2729594

17. And this one!

ID: 2729598

18. Noice.

ID: 2729655

19. Catula!

ID: 2730063

20. Stahhhhp it, you’re killing me.

ID: 2729684

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