11 Reasons You Used To Wear JNCO Jeans

Because the reasons why you wore these gargantuan pants now escapes you. Also: What does JNCO even mean???

1. Because 50 inches of bottom hems were majestic to you.

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2. Because the grandeur of your jeans turned you into an impossibly cool chick who hangs out on boardwalks.

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3. Because you were breaking about 15 laws just by wearing them. Screw authority!

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4. Because your legs became monumental pillars of cool.

ID: 1247292

5. Because this was the only time in history in which girls could dress in mountains of fabric and still be considered sexy.

ID: 1247152

6. Because JNCO once made their own comic.

ID: 1247270

7. Because your electric flames of fashion crowned you king of the rave.

ID: 1247299

8. Because you were stoned 90 percent of the time.

ID: 1247272

9. Because look at that ass.

ID: 1247301

10. Because in the ’90s, you thought wearing colossal pants while skateboarding was a great idea.

ID: 1247289

11. And because, duh: JNCOS were way cool jeans!

ID: 1247131

Oh, and just to put your mind at rest: Judge None, Choose One. JNCO. Word.

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