18 Photos That Will Make You Proud To Be ‘Murican

United States of Being the Best.

1. Captain America using a Bank of America ATM because of course that’s where he keeps his American money.

2. This photo, in which Walmart’s pharmacy customers were greeted by the world’s largest display of Coke boxes.

3. This might be the most exquisite work of mobile art to take to the streets.

4. This hot dog sale.

5. How we all should feel when we dine at McDonald’s.

Manstrom Photography

6. This steak rightly chose to be the greatest shape it could ever be.

7. This is the only reason you need for beer. Ever.

8. Moment of pride: When this invention made everyone’s lives SO MUCH EASIER THANK GOD FOR THIS.

10. Here, geniuses construct an arena of deli meats and snacks to celebrate the Super Bowl.

11. Once, Walmart created this display of American greatness.

12. And then there the time that we were so FUCKING awesome that even Swedish people wanted to be us.

13. For once, one of our nation’s banks speaks to the people.

14. These teens: true Americans.

15. This. ::salutes flag::

16. Remember when Doritos made a “Cool American” flavor?

17. Religion and fast food finally meet.

18. And here, a drop of spilled milk presented itself in the shape of our country, and we knew it was the spirit of Uncle Sam himself softly whispering, USA! USA! USA!

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