18 Photos That Will Make You Proud To Be ‘Murican

United States of Being the Best.

1. Captain America using a Bank of America ATM because of course that’s where he keeps his American money.

ID: 3269755

2. This photo, in which Walmart’s pharmacy customers were greeted by the world’s largest display of Coke boxes.

ID: 3254156

3. This might be the most exquisite work of mobile art to take to the streets.

ID: 3254137

4. This hot dog sale.

ID: 3269772

5. How we all should feel when we dine at McDonald’s.

Manstrom Photography
ID: 3269767

6. This steak rightly chose to be the greatest shape it could ever be.

ID: 3269769

7. This is the only reason you need for beer. Ever.

ID: 3269796

8. Moment of pride: When this invention made everyone’s lives SO MUCH EASIER THANK GOD FOR THIS.

ID: 3269795

9. This shop.

ID: 3254158

10. Here, geniuses construct an arena of deli meats and snacks to celebrate the Super Bowl.

ID: 3254142

11. Once, Walmart created this display of American greatness.

ID: 3254145

12. And then there the time that we were so FUCKING awesome that even Swedish people wanted to be us.

ID: 3254166

13. For once, one of our nation’s banks speaks to the people.

ID: 3269893

14. These teens: true Americans.

ID: 3269895

15. This. ::salutes flag::

ID: 3269912

16. Remember when Doritos made a “Cool American” flavor?

ID: 3269913

17. Religion and fast food finally meet.

ID: 3269918

18. And here, a drop of spilled milk presented itself in the shape of our country, and we knew it was the spirit of Uncle Sam himself softly whispering, USA! USA! USA!

ID: 3269932

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