The 25 Most Disturbing Goosebumps Book Covers

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Here, a collection of covers from the R.L. Stine’s famed Goosebumps series, ranked by their level of disturbing-ness.

ID: 1855849

25. Scarecrows: Never scary to birds, always creepy to humans.

ID: 1855505

24. OK, this is to be expected of R.L. Stine. I give it a 5 on the chill scale.

ID: 1855554

23. It would be scarier if the wax museum was Madame Tussauds and it was a haunted Paris Hilton wax figure.

ID: 1855616

22. These two. Headed for divorce, clearly.

ID: 1855568

21. This is the story of Grumpy Cat on her period.

ID: 1855602

20. Will make you terrified to ever reach for anything but the detergent at the front of the cabinet.

ID: 1855519

19. Most socially awkward BBQ ever.

ID: 1855391

18. This lady has problems.

ID: 1855301

17. That mask is gross, yes. But why is your head so big??

ID: 1855547

16. Hands! Ewww.

ID: 1855435

15. Did we really read this stuff as kids? It looks truly terrifying.

ID: 1855534

14. I mean. No one wants to be this close to their family, ever.

ID: 1855562

13. Definitely not a child molester.

ID: 1855532

12. OMG what did you do to grandma?

ID: 1855618

11. Can’t stop staring at your missing nose. Sorry.

ID: 1855438

10. This is what I imagine happening every time I get into a body of water, so thanks, Goosebumps. Never swimming again.

ID: 1855527

9. Oh sheeeiiiit that bunny has mad issues.

ID: 1855449

8. Don’t think of this image as you’re falling asleep. Just don’t…crap.

ID: 1855610

7. Funny, when I think of my identity crisis, I picture this.

ID: 1855593

6. What did R.L. Stine do to you?

ID: 1855473

5. Oh dear lord. Never recovering from this.

ID: 1855510

4. Nor this. It’s not quite the hiked-up pants nor the suggestion of slight man boob…but rather those teeth. Get away, Teeth!

ID: 1855349

3. Please stop.

ID: 1855453

2. I’m begging you.

ID: 1855419

1. Thoroughly disturbed. Curling up in a ball now. Kthanxbye.

ID: 1855429

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