Mary-Kate And Ashley’s 20 Best Matchy-Matchy Outfits


1. Ritz crackers were the hottest accessory in the mid-’90s.

2. The ever-popular put shit on your head look.

3. Work those sneaker pumps, gals.

4. You always wanted your hair to do this.

6. This angel-on-the-outside look: perfection.

7. Peace, Love, and Olsenness.

9. How did you guys manage to avoid any awkward phases?

11. Completely coordinated right down to the matching scrunchies.

13. What’s that? Why, yes! I WILL be your best friend.

14. Look at these power dressers.

Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

16. No one could pull off shiny suits quite like these two.

Brenda Chase / Getty Images

17. Or long-sleeved velvet ballgowns.

18. Aaaannnd raise your hand if you bought an “I Love NY” shirt in 2004 and cut out the collar?

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