James Brown’s Lost Interview On His Love For Reagan

It’s 1984 and James Brown has much to say on a variety of topics including race, politics, and punk rock.

1. PBS’ Blank on Blank is back with a new animated episode featuring a lost 1984 interview with James Brown as he prepares backstage for a show.

ID: 1215813

2. His wife is blow drying his hair.

ID: 1215814

3. And he doesn’t want the reporters to think he’s too hip by putting on his shades. These are special new ones with even tone.

ID: 1215820

4. In the five minute clip, Brown manages to share a ton of opinions. Notably about race…

ID: 1215841

6. And his admiration for Reagan.

ID: 1215878

7. Check out the entire episode here!

ID: 1215625

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