Is This The Funniest Or Most Embarrassing A Capella Version Of The Spice Girls’ "Wannabe"?

Brought to you by the boys of Acafellaz from Illinois State University.

ID: 971642

2. Before you cast your vote, some things to consider…

ID: 971671

3. This guy in khakis. Awesome. (Watch out, Andy Bernard.)

ID: 971656

4. This guy, also in khakis, also awesome. Be my boyfriend.

ID: 971663

5. The inspired choreography…

ID: 971657

8. Except…The Macarena? Hmm…

ID: 971660

9. Excellent use of classic ’90s “talk to the hand” references.

ID: 971664

10. Except — oh, no! — it made that guy really sad :(

ID: 971666

11. And the ending…classic.

ID: 971667

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