16 Insane His-And-Hers Fashions Of The 70s

Dear god.

1. Welcome to the most embarrassing double date to ever take place.

ID: 1419128

2. By all means, conduct your daily business in dual denim.

ID: 1419379

3. Matching your underwear to your partner’s just took things to a whole new level of weird.

ID: 1419106

4. Who do you think is more excited about wearing this shirt?

ID: 1419116

5. Maybe there’s something in a reality series on matching couples. I so want to know what these folks’ deal is.

ID: 1419207

6. These people are totally ready for Androgynous Rodeo Day.

ID: 1419361

7. This is how rich people look when they match.

ID: 1419100

8. Menage à mauve.

ID: 1419257

9. They swore they didn’t plan it! (They did.)

ID: 1419298

10. There’s so much comedy in matching outfits! “Honey, you’re wearing MY shirt! Silly you.”

ID: 1419394

11. This couple is pissed that someone else showed up wearing a pantsuit, and that it was better than theirs.

ID: 1418911

12. Here’s the 1970s equivalent to the Coachella power couple.

ID: 1419321

13. Different prints on the same top…still, it’s unadvisable to show up to a party like this.

ID: 1419355

14. Insanity times a million.

ID: 1419195

15. OK, well…this is actually pretty gosh darn cute.

ID: 1419310

16. This, however, is a total catastrophe.

ID: 1419328

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