Meet "The Hunger Games" Hair Dresser Of The ’60s

May the odds be ever in your coiffure?

1. London hairstylist Raymond Bessone, aka Teasie-Weasie, was a celebrity hairstylist, known for supposedly inventing the bouffant as well as creating over-the-top, architectural styles. He also, as you can see, experimented with two-tone color.

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2. Kind of makes you think of this, right?

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3. He also created this purple-on-top style…

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4. …as well as this mauve-y ombre style.

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5. You’re seeing it now, right?

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6. Here’s Raymond’s midnight blue with silver-hued top up-do.

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7. One of those is “Caesar Flickerman’s” color of choice…just sayin’.

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8. Here’s Raymond’s two-tone green style.

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9. Whoa. Yes.

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10. And here as well.

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11. A braided cherry red look created by Teasie-Weasie.

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12. Katniss’ interview up-do before entering the arena.

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13. Raymond also introduced this hairstyle detail which he called “The Moustache.”

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14. O hai, Effie.

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15. And Raymond took to showcasing his creations in elaborate ways.

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16. Like having court jesters pull models in baskets around.

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17. Which has to remind you of this…which was essentially one giant fashion show.

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18. To learn more about Raymond Bessone (who for all intents and purposes appears to be the original Cinna)…

Be sure to click through the image below to watch the British Pathé video.

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