How To Be A Sexy ’70s Businessman

I’m Ron Burgundy?

1. Have impeccable taste in men’s attire.

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2. Three-piece suits especially have been known to attract women. And successful businessmen attract women.

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3. Be sure your taste is impeccable not just in the office, but outside of it as well. Remember, you’re still a businessman when you’re not at work.

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4. Drink manly drinks. Preferably in close proximity to leather-bound books.

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5. Wear a seductive scent. Bathe yourself in it.

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6. Because this will also attract women.

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7. Impress others with your briefcase phone. But do not let them make calls on it.

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9. Drive the right car. The right car is a big car. Just like the size of your personality.

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10. Use the right grooming products for your foxy mane.

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11. Two out of three successful businessmen have facial hair.

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12. In fact, a moustache is essential. Grow a moustache already. Be a man.

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13. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

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