How Much Of A Disney Princess Are You?

How are you SO nice?

  1. Check off all that apply!
    1. 1 I have/had an absentee father.
    2. 2 I often find myself trapped in destructive situations I can’t escape.
    3. 3 I am bookish AND beautiful.
    4. 4 I put others before myself.
    5. 5 I can communicate with animals.
    6. 6 I have a really good voice.
    7. 7 I know how to waltz.
    8. 8 I often feel that others are out to get me.
    9. 9 Others are jealous of my beauty.
    10. 10 Although I am beautiful, I am humble about my looks.
    11. 11 I hate my step-siblings.
    12. 12 I have lived in the woods.
    13. 13 I believe in true love.
    14. 14 I believe there is one person out there for me — that I will find my soul mate.
    15. 15 I can cook.
    16. 16 I can clean.
    17. 17 I enjoy cooking and cleaning.
    18. 18 I’ve had a near-death experience.
    19. 19 I often make wishes.
    20. 20 I am the daughter of wealthy and/or important people.
    21. 21 I would totally get married at 16 if I found the one.
    22. 22 I have one or several enemies.
    23. 23 I’ve been to a ball.
    24. 24 I daydream a lot.
    25. 25 I want to be where the people are.
    26. 26 I am naturally curious.
    27. 27 I’d easily make big sacrifices for my loved ones.
    28. 28 I believe in love at first sight.
    29. 29 My hair is perfect.
    30. 30 I am naturally slender.
    31. 31 People would definitely describe me as “feminine.”
    32. 32 I am kind to others, no matter what.
    33. 33 I seek out adventure.
    34. 34 I love nature.
    35. 35 My relationships tend to be dramatic.
    36. 36 I’ve dated someone who faced a life-or-death situation.
    37. 37 I am brave.
    38. 38 I would do anything to defend my family’s honor.
    39. 39 I am gentle.
    40. 40 I am graceful.
    41. 41 I am charming.
    42. 42 Men like me.
    43. 43 I have/had an absentee mother.
    44. 44 I like to hoard treasures.
    45. 45 I’m addicted to buying books on Amazon.
    46. 46 I believe in miracles.
    47. 47 I am a hopeless romantic.
    48. 48 I have tamed a beast. (Read: I have turned a douche of a man into a gentleman.)
    49. 49 I think inanimate objects can be friends.
    50. 50 I want more.

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