A Definitive Ranking Of 72 Disney Princess Outfits

Puffy-sleeved ball gowns FTW.

72. Pretty sure every grandma has bought this same nightie on sale at Marshall’s.

ID: 3125871

71. If there’s one thing we can take away from this outfit it’s this: Never wear poop-colored anything out of the house.

ID: 3129420

70. At least you’ll never get sunburned in this head-to-toe covering. This is a Meri-don’t.

Disney/Pixar / Via disneyscreencaps.com
ID: 3129535

69. Sleeping Beauty’s parents were royalty and they couldn’t even put their baby in cute clothes? Is that a pashmina? What is this, 2003?

ID: 3126161

68. When you leave it to mice to make your dress, the result will probably look like a first year fashion student did their best.

ID: 3126050

67. As far as indentured servitude fashion goes, this isn’t actually so bad?

ID: 3125974

66. Ditto for this. Although those clogs …

ID: 3125567

65. Sleeping Beauty, the Druid edition.

ID: 3126312

64. The ’80s-ness of this makes it an entirely regrettable wedding gown.

ID: 3127444

63. Who knew they had a Jessica McClintock in Pixar Bavaria?

Disney/Pixar / Via disneyscreencaps.com
ID: 3129508

62. Sorry, Mulan.

ID: 3127756

61. This at least seems more comfortable.

ID: 3128563

60. Sadly, there is probably some high-fashion version of this you can buy at Barneys for the price of your first born child.

ID: 3127265

59. Wait — how is this now suddenly just like a basic dress from Forever 21?

ID: 3127282

58. This is just not a good look. But we all knew that.

ID: 3127540

57. The costume that got used and reused for every high school Shakespeare production.

ID: 3129651

56. That color is pretty, but a maid’s uniform is either sexy or sad, and I’d say this is kind of the latter.

ID: 3128831

55. I respect you, Cinderella. But you can’t wear a wedding gown that is basically THE SAME DRESS you wore to the ball.

ID: 3126128

54. Wearing T-shirts to bed is NOT ALLOWED in Disney. Frilly pink nightgowns ONLY.

ID: 3127354

53. Just cannot get behind the pattern clashing that’s going on here.

Disney/Pixar / Via disneyscreencaps.com
ID: 3129473

52. Although that hair is FUCKING DOPE.

Disney/Pixar / Via disneyscreencaps.com
ID: 3129488

51. Snore.

ID: 3126816

50. This is hot … but it’s not really an “outfit” because it’s basically mermaid-naked + bikini top.

ID: 3127154

49. 14-year-old betrothal attire.

ID: 3125749

48. I just feel your jewelry is really overpowering your impossibly small body.

ID: 3129445

47. I mean, this outfit would have probably ranked higher if it was still 2009 and harem pants were in.

ID: 3129416

46. Throwing a shawl on it does NOT a new “look” make.

ID: 3129462

45. Like, Jasmine’s style is — wear the same outfit, but in different colors. And then add an arm cuff from Urban Outfitters.

ID: 3129450

44. Why yes, I would like to know where you can get the grown-up version of this.

Disney/Pixar / Via disneyscreencaps.com
ID: 3129470

43. Muji for Mulan.

ID: 3128538

42. Even though this is just a basic brown dress, I’d wear it. Plus those shoes: hawt.

ID: 3129526

41. This is princess “casualwear.” You know, like what you wear to Thursday night dinner at home.

ID: 3127292

40. Why not?

ID: 3127483

39. Yeah, OK.

ID: 3127366

38. Pretty sure you could order this from the summer 1999 Delia’s catalog.

ID: 3127456

37. Definitely your standard “singing in Provincial France like it’s NBD” outfit.

ID: 3126394

36. Matching cloche and coat? CLASSY.

ID: 3128843

35. You pretty.

ID: 3127698

34. You cute.

ID: 3129690

33. You VERY cute.

ID: 3129689

32. I wish they had just left Mulan in her underwear instead of making her up because: simple white dress with red hair accent? Liking it a lot.

ID: 3127493

31. Yep.

ID: 3126837

30. I see what you did there.

ID: 3126840

29. This is pretty fabulous, but tough to pull off.

ID: 3129247

28. This is adorable.

ID: 3128817

27. Also adorable. BRB, Googling “Peter Pan collar dresses for kids that grown women can also wear.”

ID: 3128784

26. Basic Bitch Briar Rose.

ID: 3126251

25. Mulan rocking a bold color combo.

ID: 3128766

24. Minimalist Mulan. Digging the maxi skirt.

ID: 3127496

23. I feel bad for Pocahontas because she only gets to wear one outfit for the whole movie. But she looks pretty damn hot in it.

ID: 3129316

22. Now begins the Disney ball gowns that you’d never wear but boy-oh-boy did you ever think they were pretty.

ID: 3129223

21. The patterns and colors in Frozen are insane.

ID: 3129696

20. Kirsten, the American Girl doll, would have totally rocked this.

ID: 3129695

19. So cute. PATTERNS.

ID: 3129712

18. Sooooo effing cute.

ID: 3129806


Pixar/Disney / Via disneyscreencaps.com
ID: 3129761

16. Hello! I’m faaAAAaaaAAAAbulous!

Pixar/Disney / Via disneyscreencaps.com
ID: 3129765

15. Belle, the princess of Butterfingers.

ID: 3127232

14. This could almost be a Chanel ensemble. Wintour would approve.

Pixar/Disney / Via disneyscreencaps.com
ID: 3129708

13. And now she’s got a military-style jacket on? The details just keep getting better.

ID: 3129711

12. There was always something so appealing about Little Cinderella’s petticoats

ID: 3125769

11. Of course, Sleeping Beauty’s ball gown has always been a classic.

ID: 3126385

10. But let’s just settle the debate: MAKE IT FUCKING PINK.

ID: 3126386

9. Oh, eff yeah, Frozen!

Disney/Pixar / Via disneyscreencaps.com
ID: 3129771

8. Yes yes yes yesss.

Disney/Pixar / Via disneyscreencaps.com
ID: 3129715

7. Oh, right there. Yes.

Disney/Pixar / Via disneyscreencaps.com
ID: 3129725

6. Oh God, YES!

Disney/Pixar / Via disneyscreencaps.com
ID: 3129716

5. Yes! Yes! Oh YESSSS. You rock those gloves. ROCK. THEM. HARD.

ID: 3129754

4. Diva dress! Calling all Mariahs!

ID: 3127402

3. Tiana, this is some heavenly sexiness right here.

ID: 3129165

2. This is just freaking perfect. PERFECT.

ID: 3129236

1. But this. Forever. I love you, sparkly dress and glass pumps that magically do not give you blisters.

ID: 3126081

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