Cher Horowitz’s 14 Most Underappreciated Outfits

And by Cher Horowitz, I really mean Alicia Silverstone. Who had some amazing and bizarre fashion moments.

1. Everything about this outfit is so dated…and yet I’d almost wear it.

ID: 965014

2. WTF, string pants?

ID: 965009

3. Funkessentials! (And also…where is she?)

ID: 965138

4. This is exactly how I plan on dressing once I reach 60: old lady chic.

ID: 965134

5. Sequin sparkle power!

ID: 965219

6. Here, Alicia daringly forgoes lower-half attire in favor of underpants, which she brilliantly pairs with a ruffle top, grunge boots, and a teddy bear accessory.

ID: 965258

7. Ready for the 1997 Spring Formal.

ID: 965161

8. Pretty in a top made of what appears to be silver confetti.

ID: 965238

9. Looking like a gorgeous mermaid on land.

ID: 965163

10. With her friend, Mr. Rabbit.

ID: 965227

11. Legit gorgeous even in a fuzzy crop top.

ID: 965169

12. Shiny overall dress with a wacky part? Adorable, but not for everyone.

ID: 965189

13. Of course when Alicia portrays Cher for a fashion shoot…

ID: 965141

14. It can only be fabulous.

ID: 965180

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