14 Book Covers That Are Completely Mortifying

If you were a model for one of these books from the ’70s or ’80s…I’m sorry for you.

1. Great. Now you are forever known as the sad girl obsessed with Teflon.

ID: 1616534

2. Or the cat who was roped into posing with a sad single woman.

ID: 1619037

3. This outfit should be burned.

ID: 1616543

4. Hourglass figure=FEMALE SEXUAL READINESS. Fact.

ID: 1616577


ID: 1616536

But wait, THERE’S MORE:

ID: 1616537

AND EVEN MORE! Whyyyyyyyyy.

ID: 1616538

6. Anybody can be cool! Except for the people on this book cover.

ID: 1616602

7. All I can think about is the amount of pool bacteria flooding this girl’s mouth.

ID: 1616327

8. She finally achieved her modeling dreams — posing for a book cover “at her biggest.”

ID: 1616461

9. No Sweat! You can even sniff her armpit to check.

ID: 1616470

10. This one time, at computer camp…

ID: 1616491

11. Later in life, this child will look at this and go, “Great. Now I’ll forever be known as the girl holding a chicken.”

ID: 1616555

12. FYI, this lady is God’s Callgirl.

ID: 1619147

13. All that’s missing here is Blue Steel.

ID: 1619135

14. I mean. I’m sure this seemed genius at the time.

ID: 1619009

The cover for this book, however, is deceptively benign. Because inside…someone’s grandma is practicing this:

ID: 1616572

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