The 14 Best Food-Themed Toys Of Your Youth

’80s and ’90s kids…are you hungry? You are now. posted on

1. McDonald’s French Fry Snack Maker

Turn pieces of bread into french fries!

2. Fisher-Price Breakfast Set

Remember how that little pan made sizzling noises?

3. Play-Doh Make-a-Meal

OK…my subs NEVER looked that good. So frustrating. But so much fun.

4. McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

Naturally. A staple of American childhood.

5. Play-Doh Spaghetti Factory

This was fun but basically guaranteed you’d end up with one giant multi-color ball of Play-Doh a couple hours later.

6. Fisher-Price Mini-Kitchen

The center of your world and way to impress your playdates.

7. Super Dough Flower Makin’ Basket

You could push Play-Doh through the molds to create flower baskets — they were even scented!

8. Fisher-Price Baby’s Mealtime Set

I always found those “jars” of baby food frustrating. You wanted so badly for there to be real stuff in there!

9. Creepy Crawlers

This one let gross boys make jelly-like edible bugs.

10. Fruity Erasers

OK, so these technically weren’t toys but that didn’t stop you from using them at playtime…or trying to eat them.

11. Kool-Aid Sno-Cone Machine

Ice, some Kool-Aid powder, and voila: a two-bite sno-cone. Mmmmm.

12. Easy-Bake Oven

Hands down, the best.

13. Queasy Bake Cookerator

The “boy” version of the Easy-Bake Oven concocted such delights as the “Mud ‘n Crud” cake.

14. Play-Doh’s Cookie Lovin’ Oven


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