The 13 Best Amazon Reviews Of A Giant Gummy Bear

Amazon shoppers have a lot of feelings about gummies, apparently.

If you’re in the market for a five pound gummy bear, you might want to read these Amazon reviews first…

ID: 2829868

1. Can and should be used as a method of self-defense.

ID: 2829358

2. This person clearly pissed off the reviewer above.

ID: 2829357

3. The bigger ones taste better.

ID: 2829356

4. This person is probably dead by now.

ID: 2829359

5. Not quite sure why giant gummy bears would be necessary for “the Mayan Doomsday.”

ID: 2829726

6. Giant gummy bears apparently cure depression.

ID: 2829360

7. At least one person’s definition of a good time.

ID: 2829361

8. Oh good lord, people.

ID: 2829362

9. See, this is confusing. This “Lord Dahak” gives the product a 5-star review…but doesn’t seem completely satisfied.

ID: 2829365

10. Also suitable for dogs.

ID: 2829364

11. This unsatisfied customer has resolved to create his own gummy bear out of horse poop and cat butt. Inventive.

ID: 2829727

12. This is getting quite dark.

ID: 2830465

13. And creepy.

ID: 2830466

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