At 18, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Was Basically Woody Allen

His 1999 appearance on the Daily Show confirms it. Especially the part where the interview turns into a psychoanalysis session.

1. Here is JGL promoting 10 Things I Hate About You. As you will see, he is basically a bumbling, awkward, anxious old Jewish man.

But dear lord, I love this man. No matter what his physical or mental age might be.

ID: 1041219

2. He’s got the humor down.

ID: 1041299

3. He’s got the schtick with the shoes.

ID: 1041310

4. And when Stewart is weirded out when JGL begins to remove his shoes, Joey’s all:

ID: 1041275

5. On his old 3rd Rock From the Sun cast members:

ID: 1041327

6. Jon is now convinced that JGL is “the oldest 18-year-old” he’s ever met. And, so naturally, Joseph is ready to talk about what this all means:

Where it always ends.

ID: 1041277

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