13 Amazingly Cute Vintage Japanese Ads From The ’50s

Super kawaii.

1. Cocoa too cute to resist.

ID: 1804630

2. Definitely buying this nail polish ASAP.

ID: 1804635

3. Toffee…that’s presumably British?

ID: 1804632

4. Either an ad for lightbulbs…or good ideas.

ID: 1804633

5. And frog said, let there be lightbulb.

ID: 1804634

7. OK. No clue. Cigarettes? Cards?

ID: 1804654

8. Ummm…rain boots? A kids’ TV show called Rain Boot Man?

ID: 1804692

9. A policeman and a ram…so…umm…

ID: 1804696

10. This cat is going to town on that yarn.

ID: 1804700

11. Looks like a women’s beauty product ad of some kind.

ID: 1804720

12. Cool dress, cartoon lady.

ID: 1804726

13. Powdered toothpaste? I’m intrigued.

ID: 1804735

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