A Reminder That People Had To Learn How To Dial A Phone

OK, for the last time: So, you get the phone number…

1. Once upon a time (the 1950s), this new fangled thing called “the telephone” was messing up everyones’ lives. So AT&T made this PSA to give your grandparents the 411. What is wrong with all you annoying people dialing wrong numbers GODDD.

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2. Seriously, it’s a real problem. So make sure you write down the number. Write that number down good.

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3. Then dial your number on your impossibly large rotary phone and then wait for like an hour for them to pick up. Remember: If they’re slow to the phone or don’t pick up, it doesn’t mean they hate you! (They might hate you.)

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4. Check out the full instructional video here. You may learn a thing or two. About how this never happens now.

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