9 Vintage “Star Wars” Snack Foods You’ll Never See Again

Although some can still be bought — for a price and your health.

1. In the 1980s, Pepperidge Farms made Star Wars cookies, cleverly assigning the chocolate flavor to the Imperial Forces.

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2. The treat that came with these 1978 card packs was a whole stick of gum. This one’s been unopened, so get chewy.

ID: 1136927

3. This ’80s cereal gave young Jedis the energy required to face the day.

ID: 1136783

4. Star Wars was doing soda in 1996.

ID: 1136804

5. A 1980s sugary delight. This example also includes the delicious, delicious original treats.

ID: 1136807

6. You really should have saved these Episode I sodas that were going around at the time.

ID: 1136838

7. A 2001 Luke Skywalker unopened candy.

ID: 1136864

8. Although this 2005 snack series just barely qualifies as vintage, it’s kind of a shocker to think that Revenge of the Sith was already eight years ago.

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9. And, finally: this. Ew.

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