7 Teenage Dating Tips From A 1953 Encyclopedia Britannica Film

You’re doing it wrong.

1. There are a few ways to ask out a girl. The first way: do it to her face.

This can be scary, though. Here’s what our narrator tells us: “George did make the date. Awkward, maybe. But the date is made.” So awkward.

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2. Or you can call her. Buuuuut…

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3. Calling is the worst! No one knows the rules! Thank God for passive, non-committal text messages.

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4. “Any honest compliment is tops in date etiquette.”

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5. We are warned: When a girl blabs on and on about the hairdresser, a boy doesn’t know how to respond. Here, George is being “smart” by thinking of conversation topics beforehand. Because clearly, his date will relate to “comic books.”

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6. For the love of God, don’t do this.

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7. See her to her door.

Spoiler alert: George doesn’t get any. Bummer.

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“Beginning to Date,” a 1953 Encyclopaedia Britannica Film.

In a nutshell:
- Be nice and polite.
- When you’re a dick, no one has fun.
- Things to plan ahead: activities, conversations, (and the lame one) when to go home.

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