6 People Whose Lives Were Vastly Improved By Mentos

The Freshmaker: not only delicious, but also turns humans into geniuses every time.

1. The Lady Whose Car Got Parked In By A Man In A Men’s Warehouse Suit

- This woman’s impossibly tiny car has been parked in!
- She’s like “WTF?”
- The businessman who has parked her in points to his watch, which is international business speak for, “I’m very important goodbye.”
- Genius strikes: Woman recruits band of workmen to lift her car up and out of the space.

Mentos! The Freshmaker!

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2. The Guy Who Was Ordering Lunch With His Ladyfriend And It Wasn’t Going Well

- This guy is on a date. It is the most important date of his life and he cannot order any orange juice because the waiter is ignoring him.
- Minty-fresh inspiration strikes!
- He removes the table cloth like a pro.
- He impersonates a waiter and returns with their drinks. Ta-da!

Mentos! The Freshmaker!

ID: 837237

3. This Chick Who Wore A Cheap Purple Dress To A VIP Event

- This fancy woman is going to a fancy event.
- But she rips her dress as she exits the limo her boyfriend is driving. Oh no!
- She then has a moment of post-Mentos clarity and rips off the rest of her dress.
- Now she has a miniskirt and no one will notice!

Mentos! The Freshmaker!

ID: 837235

4. This Dude Who Couldn’t Figure Out How To Cross The Street

- A bunch of hooligans run across the street, leaving their friend stuck on the opposite side.
- It’s gridlock traffic and he can’t get through!
- Sensei Freshmaker gives him the answer and suddenly, he’s opening the passenger door of a car.
- His friends are like, “Yeah, dude! You rock!”
- He passes through to the other side of the car and a man on a car phone is like, “Ha ha ha! That’s swell!”

Mentos! The Freshmaker!

ID: 837242

5. This Bro With A Horrible Sense Of Style And Willingness To Ruin His Italian Suit

- This corporate sellout has lunch with his former fraternity bros who all have fun jobs they can wear flannel shirts to.
- Before heading into the office for more corporate drudgery, he takes a seat on a freshly painted bench. Oops!
- One Mentos later, and he’s going big or going home—he rolls around on the bench and now has an ugly pinstriped suit.

Mentos! The Freshmaker!

ID: 837241

6. The Not-So-Young Youth Who Almost Had A Really Shitty Saturday Afternoon

- These dudes who still live at home are playing soccer when stupid Ned kicks the ball over the hedge.
- Chad runs next door to get it, but the neighbors are having a wedding. How will he get in?
- Mentos knows! Steal those flowers from the wedding and give them to the bride and groom (because that’s clearly a wedding tradition).
- He then strolls out of the wedding without the soccer ball.
- But then he has it again, so yay! Whatever!

Mentos! The Freshmaker.

ID: 837239

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