30 Bags Of The ’90s That Will Make Your Mind Explode

Aah, the tasteful embellishments of the era — fuzzy trim, plastic, and alien faces.

1. Holograms + mini size + clear strap. So much going on.

ID: 1129996

2. Obligatory inflatable backpack. Yes. This is actually a backpack and not an alien pod.

ID: 1129869

3. This smiley face plastic backpack matched your smiley face notebooks, pens, sheets, bedroom, life, ahhhhh!!!

ID: 1129884

4. Here’s another mini-purse for you to wear to the dance.

ID: 1129867

5. This is very Posh Spice.

ID: 1129969

6. Here’s an option you might still consider wearing…wait…nope.

ID: 1129868

7. Lisa Frank aliens. Mind explosion.

ID: 1129870

8. OMG astroturf. You had so much astroturf.

ID: 1129875

9. And daisies. ‘Cause Drew Barrymore.

ID: 1129871

10. A 90210 fannypack? This is the epitome of the ’90s.

ID: 1129930

11. The combination of two trends — smiley faces with clear backpacks.

ID: 1129880

12. This bag is too bootylicious.

ID: 1129881

13. The sparkles make a subtle addition to this studded mini-bag, don’t you think?

ID: 1129885

14. Of course, a more girly gingham variety is also lovely.

ID: 1129893

15. The Backpackstreet Boys.

ID: 1129894

16. Ahh, the ever-popular circle purse. Adorned with happy flowers, no less.

ID: 1129896

17. Fake flower adornments are good, but screenprinted daisies on a drawstring bag? Much better.

ID: 1129897

18. A must: the Chinese takeout purse.

ID: 1129898

19. Lisa Frank, how you so good?

ID: 1129899

20. Here’s your casual, everyday purse.

ID: 1129900


ID: 1129915

22. Meet you at the rave later! Don’t forget to bring the pacifiers!

ID: 1129920

23. This is very Scary Spice meets Clueless meets eighth grade.

ID: 1129924

24. Aaaaaaannnd this is a Game Boy fannypack.

ID: 1129929

25. How does this make sense.

ID: 1129940

26. Oooh, mesh. Mesh is your favorite.

ID: 1129942

27. Here’s another totally cute thing to wear to the rave.

ID: 1129970

28. School is so whatever but at least you look amazing.

ID: 1129975

29. To pair with your leather jacket and circle sunglasses.

ID: 1129977

30. And, to end, one last mini-purse. All hail Mini-Purse!

ID: 1129993

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